Traditional Pakistani Clothing: What are Pakistani Clothes Called?

Desi Fashion source only the best traditional Pakistani clothing in the UK, ensuring both ceremonial Pakistani clothes for women and informal Pakistani dress.

Let’s get to know WHY?

Only those who have tried Pakistani food can understand the vibrant, colorful, lively, and radiant Pakistani culture.

However, this is not only limited to its food. Gorgeous, artistic, and Pakistani traditional clothing has been here for ages and is acknowledged worldwide. It’s a fusion of fashion and faith.

So let’s dive deeply into these fantastic attires and honor the Pakistani culture, learn from it, and be influenced by it too.

All About the Traditional Pakistani Clothing Closet

You might have wondered what clothes Pakistani wear. Below is the detailed answer for you!

We’ve collected the most common Pakistani clothes for women who express their nation’s culture through ethnic attire. It synthesizes many ideologies the citizens hold that change according to the weather conditions.

Shalwar Kameez

Shalwar Kameez

The Shalwar Kameez is the standard national clothing of Pakistan. It’s unisex with slight variations in styles, color, fitting, silhouettes, and embellishments for men and women.

Shalwars are loose pants with various designs fastened at the waist by a drawstring or elastic. Typically, the fit is loose or tapered. On the other hand, the kameez is an oversized, loose-fitting tunic paired with the baggy shalwar.

Likewise, women prefer theme variants of lighter hues and richer needlework, with more than 118 often used and admired designs, and typically wear a scarf/dupatta with it.

While the kameez is frequently collarless on ladies and has a range of formal necklines, it is simple and collared for men.



In Pakistan, women wear dupattas, long yards of fabric with various colors and designs that match the outfit.

In the winter, people wear shawls or scarves with their traditional Pakistani clothing, which is still widely worn in the country’s contemporary society.

Lehenga/Ghagra Choli

Lehenga/Ghagra Choli

The updated form of the Ghagra Choli draws influence from magnificent and old previous styles; it is worth discussing here. This consists of the utarrya (veil), the Stanapatta (chest band), the Antariya (trousers), and the choli (top).

Asian women wear this three-piece outfit with a dupatta for ceremonial or Pakistani traditional events.

Churidaar Pajamas

Churidaar Pajamas

For a good reason, the comfy pants known as churidar pajamas are often worn in the Pakistani Indian Cuban continent. They are tight-fitting and elastic, and the extra cuff material makes them more comfortable. Churidar pajamas are a favorite among traditional gowns since they are adorable and loved by women.



Pashmina, the beautiful cloth, is traditionally made in Kashmir and marketed throughout Pakistan and worldwide. Because it keeps people warm throughout the winter season, everyone loves it!

To your surprise, because of its great value, it is much sought after everywhere, even in Europe, and many royal families and renowned individuals prefer it.



Ajrak is one of the traditional Pakistani clothing that is always in fashion.

It is a part of the Sindhi legacy in general, and the distinctive design it has—usually printed on the lawn—in the colors of blue, black, white, and red—represents their culture.

There are many different types of ajrak, and ladies like to wear it as a shalwar kameez or in many more contemporary styles.

Pakistani Traditional Clothing by Provinces

Pakistani Traditional Clothing by Provinces

Punjabi Pakistani Dress

Women in rural Punjab often wear Pothohari shalwar, Patiala shalwar, laacha, gagra, kurti, lehenga, and phulkari, as opposed to urban Punjab, where they wear straight-cut Punjabi shalwar kameez.

Sindhi Desi Clothes

In the mountainous regions of Sindh, women dress in a lenga and choli known as a “gaji,” or mountain shirt. Gaji comprises tiny, square panels covered in sequins and silk embroidery. And there is embroidery work using a mirror.

Balochi Traditional Pakistani Dress

Balochistan’s people are recognized for sporting gorgeous, richly textured turbans, headscarves, shalwars, and kameez. Balochi embroidery uses excellent threadwork and mirror work, which is highly renowned throughout Pakistan.

Long sleeves are a hallmark of the Baloch Kameez, which may look stunning in formal situations, thanks to its brilliant colors and fine craftsmanship. In contrast to conventional male apparel, women can wear loose garments with a lovely variety of designs and mixed fabrics. Moreover, pockets are a defining feature of Balochi attire.

KPK Traditional Pakistani Dress

In metropolitan regions, Pashtun women often wear shalwar kameez, whereas, in tribal areas, they wear firaq partug.

Additionally, long embroidered shirts are frequently worn in the Kalash area.

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