Gulaal PK, a renowned textile brand hailing from Lahore, Pakistan, is synonymous with excellence in Pakistani partywear and formal designer dresses. Our exquisite collection, which includes Gulaal clothing and Gulaal clothes, offers a wide range of premium-grade unstitched and stitched fabrics, beautifully made with opulent embellishments and intricate designs.

For fashion lovers in the UK, Gulaal UK is your gateway to the finest in Pakistani fashion. Our highly anticipated Gulaal Lawn 2023 collection showcases the latest trends and innovations in the world of textiles, providing a perfect blend of comfort.

For brides-to-be and those seeking uniqueness, our Gulaal Wedding Collection is a testament to our commitment to beauty. With a keen eye for detail and our signature quality control processes, we ensure that each piece from Gulaal radiates finesse, setting new standards in the fashion industry.

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