Cross Stitch

As a renowned retail brand in our nation, Cross Stitch, a Pakistani fashion brand is known for its specialization in both cross-stitch fabrics and ready-to-wear clothing. Inspired by the time-honoured cross-stitch technique, the brand provides a vast selection of options such as cross-stitch kits and cross-stitch patterns made by expert cross-stitch pattern makers for customers to effortlessly embrace the art of caterpillar cross-stitch.

Cross Stitch PK prides itself on its expertise in traditional craftsmanship blended with modern panache, evident in its range of fabrics and the skilful craftsmanship of its dedicated dressmaker. Whether it’s finely embroidered attire for special occasions or stylish, contemporary outfits, this Pakistani designer brand successfully unites the splendour of traditional threadwork with modern fashion for discerning fashion enthusiasts.

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